my name is Nelson Roque.

I have a special interest in visual attention, focusing on:

  • how to reliably measure it,

  • how it relates to individual difference factors (e.g., age, sleep)

  • and translating insights from theoretical work in visual attention to applied contexts (e.g. medication errors).


In May of 2018, I graduated from Florida State University with a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, working under the advisement of Dr. Walter R. Boot.

Through the Pathways T32 Program at Penn State's Center for Healthy Aging, working with Dr. Martin Sliwinski, I explored the temporal stability of visual attention and its relation to situational and environmental factors, through the use of an ecological momentary assessment design and burst measurement techniques.

As of Fall 2020, I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Central Florida.



Proficient with

  • Pupillometry

  • Mobile eyetracking

  • Free viewing paradigms

  • Gaze contingent paradigms

Proficient in scenario development and data processing with:

  • Drivesafety RS-200, CDS-250

  • NADS MiniSim


  • Making Calls / Sending text messages

  • Eye tracking

​Ambulatory Cognitive Assessments using smartphones​​

  • ​Ecological Momentary Assessments (EMA)
  • Burst Measurement Design

Experience processing data from:

  • smartphone sensors (e.g., GPS, accelerometer)

  • Actigraphy sensors


  • Machine learning (e.g., random forests, neural networks)

  • Multilevel modeling


  • Proficient in Statistical Programming: R, Python

  • Proficient in Application Programming: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

  • Package development in: R, Python

Experience a Light-Touch Approach to Monitoring Cognition.

When prompted, enter study code: nrd



Explore my CV, publications, and

code tools developed along

my academic journey.


University of Central Florida

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